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Trudy on Forbes

Getting from College to Career

Check out Lindsey Pollak's revised edition of "Getting from College to Career".  It's a must read for students and the professionals who help guide Gen Y's career decisions and ultimately their job search.  Trudy has several pieces of advice that are quoted in the book, but even if she wasn't included, it's seriously a great resource. 

Getting from College to Career

Getting from College to Career, REVISED EDITION:
Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World

By Lindsey Pollak (HarperCollins, Revised Edition 2012)

How do you get a job without experience and get experience without a job? It’s the question virtually every college student or recent graduate faces. In Getting from College to Career, Lindsey Pollak offers the first definitive guide to building the experience, skills, and confidence you need before starting your first major job search. This book is packed with career advice for students and focuses on how to get a job after college. Her 90 action-oriented tips include strategies ranging from the simple to the expert, including:

  • Avoid the biggest mistake in career prep and job hunting
  • Subscribe to a daily newspaper
  • E-mail like a professional
  • Make every event a networking success
  • Practice the eight essentials of internship achievement
  • Perform five minutes of stand-up
  • Over prepare for interviews
  • Persist (politely)

NYT: How U.S. Lost Out On iPhone Work

Sunday's New York Times front page story this weekend was about Apple transformed their business model to principally manufacture in China.

The article gets it right and is a case study in what America might need to do to get jobs back inside the U.S. 


Manny to Present 'Employer Relations in the Age of Internships'

Want to start the New Year out right?

Don't miss this virtual keynote address in which Manny Contomanolis will discuss the changing relationship between career services professionals and employers in the context of the new focus on internships and their increasing importance in our work.

If you want to participate in this webinar, be sure to register with prior to January 4th, by clicking on the 'Career Services Conference' tab.


4.3% Unemployment Rate for College Grads

Although the national unemployment figures continue to be a dismal 9.1% as evidenced by the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics findings released Friday, there is a bright spot in the data.

The unemployment rate for college graduates is a much lower 4.3% and industries such as health care and technical fields continue to add jobs. You can read the full report here.

Additionally other news sources are concluding that in general job postings are up significantly from a year ago. This is encouraging news for all of us who work with college graduates.


Dr. Emanuel Contomanolis: Newest Recipient of NACE Academy of Fellows Award

June 2011 Dallas Texas


Dr. Emanuel (Manny) Contomanolis received the highest honor at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) annual meeting in Dallas Texas: The Academy of Fellows.

The awards ceremony, attended by over 1600 conference attendees honored Manny for his many years of service to the career development and employer professional community.

Manny was cited for his work as an instructor in the NACE Management Leadership Institute, serving as Past President of both NACE and EACE, faculty member for Career Services Institute, author, keynote speaker, advisor to employer boards and employment commissions, consultant and frequent media contributor.