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Trudy on Forbes

The Engine of Job Creation is Start-Ups

A must read in 4/3/2010's NY Times is Thomas Friedman's inspired column that discusses the job creation that is so desperately needed in the United States.  Friedman makes two really important points:

  1. Job creation by small businesses and new start-ups have accounted for the overwhelming majority of new jobs in every economic recovery since 1980.
  2. Many of the most entrepreneurial visionaries that would start the businesses that would generate new jobs are international students who have challenges remaining in the U.S. after they complete their studies.  Friedman discusses the impact of current immigration policy and makes a strong case for it's re-examination.  No matter where you stand on the immigration issue, it's a really interesting column and definitely puts the spotlight on the importance of job creation by small businesses if the economy is truly to recover.


Diversity and Inclusion - Global Perspectives

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is doing some exciting things.  Last week they hosted a Diversity and Inclusion Thought Leader's Summit in the Washington DC area and invited 100 thought leaders from around the world to participate in broad ranging discussions around issues of gender, workplace flexibility, education, employability and competencies for the global economy.  Fans Johansson whose work in cross-field and cross-cultural innovation and creativity has always been of relelevance to our efforts here at TruMann Consulting was the featured speaker.

I was privileged to be invited as a panelist addressing issues of education and employability skills and wanted to share what I articulated to the group as the key competency areas required to be successful in our increasingly global economy.  Briefly these include:

Job Content Competencies– specific to each position e.g. engineer needs to understand math and physics; an accountant, finance; a doctor, biology; a craftsperson, manual dexterity, etc.  Clearly technology plays a critical role in this area.

Career Success Competencies – communication - verbal and writen; team work –especially across diverse groups; analytical/problem-solving/critical thinking abilities; creativity/innovation; flexibility; empathy/sensitivity to clients/customers; commitment to life-long learning; focus and intensity as applied to tasks; resourcefulness.

Global Competencies – based on three key dimensions:

  • Knowledge of other cultural histories, people, countries, economies, and political systems
  • Ability to speak/think in other languages
  • Positive attitude/interest in engaging with people, experiences, settings, ways of thinking/living different from our own

What do you think? Let us know what you think!


"What To Do During A Snowstorm"

For those of you who live in areas getting unprecedented amounts of snow this year you might wonder what you can do to fill the time when you are not shoveling or stuck in the house. Whether you are currently looking for work or thinking about making a change in the future this is a perfect time to get moving. The inclement weather can actually give you a great opportunity to dedicate some uninterrupted time to concentrate on matters important to your current job situation or future career plans.  

Here are a few tips:

  • Dust off the resume and make improvements that include "key words" relevant to your job interests.
  • Draft a "pitch" letter for yourself and think about how you can "sell" yourself effectively.
  • Do online research about employers that you think would be a great match for your talents, experience and  interests and try to find contact information that includes someone's name at the organization that you can  follow-up with.
  • Network, Network, Network. If you are stuck in the house, make phone calls to friends and colleagues and use on-lin social networking sites such as Linkedin.
  • Promise yourself that you will stay motivated and follow-up on all current and future leads.
  • Give yourself permission to also enjoy being stuck inside and be sure to find some time to unwind, so when the weather clears you will be ready to step outside and be ready for your next move.

Contomanolis and Steinfeld on 'Ask The Experts' Radio Show

Manny and Trudy appeared as guests on Lindsey Pollack's BlogTalkRadio show entitled "Ask the Experts" on February 3rd, 2010.

The show focused on career related insights, observations and advice for college students engaged in a job search. Topics covered included:

  • What the mood on campus is for current students looking for full-time work,
  • Prospects for the class of 2010,
  • Economic and employer hiring trends,
  • Short and long term outlook for liberal arts and technical college graduates,
  • Proven job search strategies including in-person networking,
  • Common mistakes students make including engaging in "the passive" job search,
  • and, Tips for parents to be supportive of their son and daughter's aspirations.

 Click here for the full interview on BlogTalkRadio.



The New Year Brings New Hope for 2010

The new year always prompts us to both look back and look ahead. While it's clear looking back only reminds us of so many of the pressures and challenges faced by our colleagues in career services and college recruiting, looking forward provides us with hope and positive expectations. 

We've spoken with many of our employer colleagues recently and we're excited by the cautious optimism many have expressed concerning the job market for entry level grads and the prospect of more energetic recruiting and hiring activity.  There is a general sense and expectation that there will be a burst of recruiting and hiring sometime this spring.

This will be welcome news to the Class of 2010 as well as to many beleaguered career services professionals using the holiday break to ponder their student support and service options for the remainder of the year. The sense of hope and enthusiasm is critical - to us and to the student and alumni clients we serve - and we must find it and nurture it.

We wish all of you a happy and productive New Year with much success in all your endeavors and with all our thanks for your support and encouragement of our efforts with TruMann Consulting!