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A Real Job Creation Program is a Must

Anyone see Paul Krugman's latest column in the New York Times?

It's a must read for anyone concerned about career development and job creation. Quite frankly, it's important for all Americans who want to see more attention paid to the unemployment crisis and seek a viable solution to the current situation.

Later this week there is going to be a high profile summit at the White House that deals with with the high unemployment rate and how to achieve job creation.  However, the invitees are mainly CEO's of successful U.S. companies and although having them involved is useful, there are other voices that understand job creation and related factors that also need to be represented.  One very important step that Krugman mentions, is that if we really want to have a shot at putting people back to work quickly and helping new graduates find employment in a reasonable amount of time, we need a jobs program similar to some of projects that were launched during The New Deal.  We believe that a comprehensive job creation program for Americans at various levels of experience and background is a must.

Another important step would be a real effort to loosen the credit markets and encourage institutions to lend monies to small and mid-size businesses, so that they can add head count and payroll.  These employers  have traditionally been the engine of job development for the U.S. economy. Right now many of these businesses want to expand, but don't have the resources or credit to do so, and the net result is very little job creation.


TruMann Consulting Co-Founder to Give Keynote Address in 2010


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The Career Services Online Interactive Conference Returns This January!

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January 6th through 8th 2010


The Career Services Online Conference provides an opportunity for career services practitioners to engage in a nationwide program of best practices and proven methods for working with today's college students. From diverse populations to graduating seniors to the recession and recovery, the online conference compliments professional development goals without impacting travel budgets.

Join us for two keynote addresses including Dr. Manny Contomanolis, Associate Vice President and Director of Cooperative Education and Career Services, Rochester Institute of Technology and Past President of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and Dave Cofer, President of Cofer Consulting Solutions, in addition to fourteen peer presentations.


Career Centers: A Vital Resource During Tough Times

Lately we have been hearing from career centers all over the country that are experiencing a large increase in traffic and inquiries from current students and alumni.

This is not surprising considering the economic conditions that continue to create extremely competitive conditions in the marketplace. Although, many career center teams have expressed to us how helpless they feel, we believe that given the right strategies, this can be a tremendous opportunity for career centers to prove their worth and raise their profile and visibility within their campus community. How career centers approach the challenges of serving larger numbers of students and alumni is key to the type of support and resources the center will receive in times of constrained budgets.

There are many concrete and somewhat simple things that can help establish a career center as the “go to” experts on the job market and also revive the morale of an often-overworked staff.  More soon about some of the proven strategies that TruMann Consulting has introduced on various campuses to great success.


How to Solve A Jobless Recovery?

In the last two days two columns have appeared in the New York Times Op-Ed pages discussing the continuing rise in unemployment.  The first by leading economist Paul Krugman discussed some of the tactics that the United States has been using to try and turn things around.

Krugman feels strongly, as he has for many months that the stimulus package was not bold enough and would not stop companies from laying off workers, and obviously he's right.  According to Krugman, Germany was much more bold, by not only infusing much needed monies into the faltering German economy, but also by passing legislation that gave employers incentives for retaining their workforce and further introduced job sharing measures that mitigated the damage.

The government also introduced other projects to keep it's citizens working and earning a paycheck.

The column that appeared in the Sunday New York Times, by Bob Herbert, highlighted the plight of the working class, especially minorities, young people and single mothers who are unemployed at a frightengly high rate.

Herbert cites some pretty compelling statistics that give these workers little reason to hope, since many of the jobs they held prior to the recession don't seem to be coming back anytime soon or at all.

Another group that has been hit particularly hard are experienced workers representing many different industries, who have been laid off because they are considered too expensive or their skills outdated.

So what can be done? Will additional stimulus money infused into the economy help?  Is a large scale project, similar to some of the programs introduced during the Great Depression in order?  Would new legislation that gives incentives to various size businesses to keep people on the payroll also make a huge difference?  How about forcing lending organizations to open up the credit markets, allowing all types of businesses and non-profits to expand and hire new staff, and also allowing new small businesses to obtain start up monies? 

What else do you think would work?  We need solutions, so let's hear from you.


Welcome to the TruMann Consulting Career Services Blog

Welcome to the TruMann Consulting Blog! We are very excited to launch our new web site describing our consulting practice and the opportunities to leverage our combined years experience in highly effective career services strategy generation.

Through this blog, we plan to share insights and tips on a variety of topics that are relevant to career development and recruiting work. Periodically, we will weigh in with our opinions on trends, issues, and economic developments that impact job creation, hiring trends and job search stategies. 

We’re interested in hearing from you as well.  Please feel free to comment on our posts and let us know what career related topics you are most interested in hearing about.

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