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The New Standards on First Destination Surveys

As most professionals in the career services space are aware, there has never been more focus and attention on post graduation outcomes of new college degree holders.  Students, parents, the media and members of government are increasingly concerned with ROI and the value of a college degree.  NACE, the leading professional organization that includes career services and university recruiting professionals who are dedicated of the employment of the college educated, recently announced new standards on First Destination Surveys that are critical to collecting data on post graduation outcomes.  Dr. Manny Contomanolis is leading the NACE taskforce on this ground breaking work and will continue to oversee the emergence of new best practices in this area.  Read more on the NACE site @


Career Services Institute (CSI East) in Washington DC August 12 & 13

If you haven't already registered or know colleagues who would be excited to participate in a Career Services Conference like no other, please join us at Career Services Institute (CSI East), held at the NYU Washington DC campus located right off of Dupont Circle.  This annual program that rotates to different locations embodies the values of career services professionals and strives to create a unique two day experience for participants.  At CSI East, practitioners come together to learn and share best practices, learn from subject experts and interact with seasoned career services leaders and employers.  Faculty include Manny Contomanolis (RIT), Jeff Garis (Penn State), Marcia Harris (formerly UNC-Chapel Hill), Tim Luzader, (Purdue) and Trudy Steinfeld (NYU).  For more information on the conference, employer speakers and registration information, please visit


Career Services Institute (CSI-East) to be held August 11 & 12

Career Services Institute (CSI-East) will be held at NYU's Washington DC campus on August 11 & 12, 2013.  This unique and annual conference for career services professionals at all levels is a great way to motivate yourself and colleagues and get ready for the new academic year.  This year's program features all new program content and an impressive panel of employers who will provide participants with invaluable insights that are critical to the recruiting landscape. Manny and Trudy will be joined by other leaders in career services to facilitate the sessions.   For more information, including registration and the discounted hotel rate, please go to


Manny to Present 'Employer Relations in the Age of Internships'

Want to start the New Year out right?

Don't miss this virtual keynote address in which Manny Contomanolis will discuss the changing relationship between career services professionals and employers in the context of the new focus on internships and their increasing importance in our work.

If you want to participate in this webinar, be sure to register with prior to January 4th, by clicking on the 'Career Services Conference' tab.


Wall Street Adds Jobs

Anyone see the article by Nelson Schwartz in the New York Times?

Mr. Schwartz reports the happy news that Wall Street firms are hiring again. Schwartz contends that when i-banks start adding headcount it's a strong signal that the economy is going to rebound and start growing again. This is good news for college graduates and for some experienced professionals who were caught up in the downsizing when the banks were reducing payroll.

College graduates are particularly well positioned for this upturn because they are an adaptable, lower cost option very familiar with social media and other technology. Our advice to experienced professionals in this market, however, is to position themselves as problem solvers who can get the job done and won't need the training, coaching and same amount of ramp up time.