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A Real Job Creation Program is a Must

Anyone see Paul Krugman's latest column in the New York Times?

It's a must read for anyone concerned about career development and job creation. Quite frankly, it's important for all Americans who want to see more attention paid to the unemployment crisis and seek a viable solution to the current situation.

Later this week there is going to be a high profile summit at the White House that deals with with the high unemployment rate and how to achieve job creation.  However, the invitees are mainly CEO's of successful U.S. companies and although having them involved is useful, there are other voices that understand job creation and related factors that also need to be represented.  One very important step that Krugman mentions, is that if we really want to have a shot at putting people back to work quickly and helping new graduates find employment in a reasonable amount of time, we need a jobs program similar to some of projects that were launched during The New Deal.  We believe that a comprehensive job creation program for Americans at various levels of experience and background is a must.

Another important step would be a real effort to loosen the credit markets and encourage institutions to lend monies to small and mid-size businesses, so that they can add head count and payroll.  These employers  have traditionally been the engine of job development for the U.S. economy. Right now many of these businesses want to expand, but don't have the resources or credit to do so, and the net result is very little job creation.