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Corporate Internal Career Development to Retain Top Talent

Even in these uncertain economic times, the best companies continue to compete for and try to retain top new talent. As we have come to understand, Gen Y's in the workplace are not afraid to change jobs frequently – by some estimates roughly every sixteen to eighteen months and sometimes even sooner depending on their workplace circumstances and opportunities.

As we consistently hear from our employer colleagues, their significant recruiting and on boarding investments are wasted on candidates they can't retain. Several innovative employing organizations are developing internal career development programs and services that seek to respond to Gen Y worker needs for variety, movement, visibility and change.

Innovative organizations embracing this new strategy include AT&T, KPMG, Zappos, Deloite and IBM. Check out their web sites to learn more. These internal career development programs focus on acknowledging and understanding the motivations and interests of Gen Y employees and creating opportunities to address those in creative ways specific to their organizational circumstances and cultures.

What fascinates us is the potential for higher education career services organizations and these emerging workplace career development programs to exchange perspectives and best practice information about Gen Y and the services most effective in meeting their career and employment goals and interests. We will be pursuing learning opportunities in this arena and share our findings with you.