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The TruMann Career Consulting Group maximizes the effectiveness of higher education career services organizations to ensure high visibility and success for educational institutions and their students. Learn more about us.

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What might you expect in a typical consulting engagement?

Each client often has a distinctive set of interests and a unique environment so we spend a great deal of up-front time with the institutional leadership group initiating the project to ensure we have a complete understanding of the goals, priorities, and desired outcomes of the process, including drawing upon other consulting practitioners if necessary.  At that point we’ll often finalize the particular structure of the consulting process in accordance with those goals and agree to the specific nature of the recommendations to be included in our final report. From there, we will review relevant documents and materials (e.g. organizational structure and staffing charts, strategic planning documents, assessment findings, a summary of existing programs and services, web site reviews) before we arrive on-site.

The campus or organizational visit is scheduled at a mutually convenient time and when there we meet with as many stakeholders as possible.  These typically include senior administrators or managers, staff, appropriate deans, vice-presidents and other academic leaders, students, alumni relations and fundraising staff and any additional individuals or groups that we and the institution see as vital to the review process.  We typically recommend, for example, that hiring representatives be included in the process. We prefer to complete the on-site portion of the review in no more than a two-day visit; however other arrangements are also possible depending on the scope of the engagement, available resources, and other practical concerns.

We typically request a brief feedback meeting with the appropriate institutional representatives before we leave to provide some preliminary observations and a general sense of our assessment.  We normally will submit a written report within thirty days of the completion of our visit detailing our observations, recommendations and suggested improvement strategies and steps. If other unanticipated, but relevant issues emerge during the review process we will address those as well in that final report.

Our fee is based on a daily rate as well as associated expenses – typically travel, meals and hotel accommodations. Depending on the nature of the assignment and expected deliverables, fees can be negotiated to work within the budget constraints of most organizations.